Command Points or CP is the currency for all upgrades in game. A small amount of CP is awarded every second, but the player can also accumulate CP in various ways. This includes faction upgrades, crew upgrades, destroying asteroids, enemy players, ships, and turrets. In addition, extra CP is awarded for every planet your team holds.

Escort ships destroyed by other escort ships or turrets do NOT give CP, so remember to farm them if at all possible.

Command Points may be spent on Upgrades for your ship or faction, to teleport somewhere, or to buy escort ships.

Since experince points are based on command points, it is highly recomended to get passive skills like High-Ranking Officer or Scientific Officer (For CP generating faction upgrades) to level ships faster, especially on your "new" ships.

The Command Field skill can also give 30-60% more CP and thus XP, but it is generally meant for teams with lots of players or maps where the team is forced to stick together.

Command Point TotalsEdit

  • Escort Ship 10CP
  • Titan 30CP
  • Turret 75CP
  • Asteroid 50CP

Command Point CostsEdit

  • Teleport 50CP
  • Escort ships 30CP
  • Lock a point 100CP
  • Repair instantly at spawn 50CP
  • Upgrades 300CP
  • Faction upgrades between 100-300CP per player

Upgrade Payback PeriodsEdit

  • Advanced Colonization is 300CP per player, and gives .4 CP per second. 750 seconds, or 12.5 minutes (assumes that all CP is paid at roughly the same time). You will not recieve any of this cash while dead, which can SIGNIFICANTLY lengthen the payback period for a losing team.
  • Convoy is 100CP per player, and spawns a ship that gives 25CP every 60 seconds (plus transit time). This should have a much shorter payback than colonization. On the other hand, if you can't control the map, you won't get any money as their escort waves will destroy your ship and leave you with nothing. You also must control a Wormhole for any ship to spawn (though you will get two convoys if you control two wormholes).