Ally Cruiser

Allied Cruiser

Axis Cruiser

Axis Cruiser

The cruiser is a behemoth designed to take phenomenal amounts of damage. Its purpose is to protect allied ships placed under its protection.

How to PlayEdit

The Cruiser's job is basically to get in front of allied ships and shield them from harm using its enormous hitpoint buffer and skills. Pretty straight forward really.

The Cruiser's job is not, however, to die for teammates (in most circumstances). You should still have a sense of self preservation; a Cruiser can repel a lot of fire power, but is not invincible. Learn when to back off, and learn which cases are lost causes. If you die instead of a teammate, its only advantageous if your rank is currently much lower than the ally you saved (and if the ally dies anyway, you both gave the enemy CP!)



Structure Armor Shield Speed Radar Critical Hit Chance
1750 35% 1250 5.5 45 10%


PositionLight GunsMedium Guns Heavy Guns
Front 0 1 1
Side 2 0 0
Aft 0 1 0


SkillManeuv SkillLevel1
SkillRecon SkillLevel1
SkillAttack SkillLevel2
SkillDefense SkillLevel3
SkillCommand SkillLevel2



Shield overload

Type: Defensive

The Cruiser becomes invulnerable for 6 seconds.

Cooldown: 300 seconds


Mark OneEdit


  • Quantum Beacon / Priority Target 0
  • Emergency Repairs 3
  • Forcefield 3
  • Countermeasures / Quantum Leap 0


Quantum beacon should be used with countermeasures and priority with quantum leap. QB provides a good escape measure if deployed before a fire fight in a location that is close enough to access when in need yet far enough not to be seen/shot at easily. Priority and quantum leap go well together, especially with a forcefield up as you can jump in on someone then priority them.

Mark FiveEdit


  • Reeinforcements 3/2 / Rocket Battery 3/2
  • Emergency Repairs 3
  • Forcefield 3
  • Countermeasures 0/1 / Quantum Leap (unless using reinforcements)


  • Hull
  • Firing Rate / Damage / Range


  • Makeshift Repairs
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Fleet refit
  • Short range scanner


  • Hull
  • Armor
  • Range


  • Tank

Weak against:

  • Corvettes, they will destroy your reeinforcements and might torp you. With torpupgrades you can torp even within forcefields
  • Ganking


You are a tank. Soak damage. Forcefield can be used both as an added shield and as fast shield regeneration, so don't use it until you and/or your teammates have lost shields. If you keep it on at all times, you will be targeted first and the shield regeneration will be no benefit. The FF is also good protection against bombers. Use emergency repairs to repair teammates.