Ally Dreadnought

Allied Dreadnought

Axis Dreadnought

Axis Dreadnought

The Dreadnought is a command ship, the pillar that supports all coordinated attacks. Its purpose is to support allied ships.

How to PlayEdit

The Dreadnought is a difficult class to play. Slow and bulky, it can be very hard to stay out of trouble. You should not stray too far from the support of either teammates or turrets. In general, you'll just be helping push, or defending turrets, and nothing else. If you can get some speed upgrades, it may become viable to do other things.

While the Dreadnought is a damage dealer, with a similar cannon damage to a Destroyer, it is also a support class. It is generally best if you stay with teammates to buff them with Command Field. The best, and most unique, capability of the Dreadnought is to make money. The fast leveling of both Command Field and Priority Target can turn huge profits of CP.

The Dreadnought can block to an extent, as with a Cruiser, but its lower speed and turn rate can land it in trouble if you're not careful.



Structure Armor Shield Speed Radar Critical Hit Chance
2000 30% 1000 5 40 5%


Position Light Guns Medium Guns Heavy Guns
Front 0 0 2
Side 3 0 0
Aft 0 1 0


SkillManeuv SkillLevel1
SkillRecon SkillLevel1
SkillAttack SkillLevel2
SkillDefense SkillLevel2
SkillCommand SkillLevel3



High command

Type: Command

Resets all cooldowns of friendly ships in a 15 unit radius. (Ultimate skills are not affected)

Cooldown: 300 seconds


High FirepowerEdit


  • Reinforcements 3
  • Force Field 3
  • Command Field 3
  • Countermeasures 0


  • Hull - 3x Structure
  • Ammo - 3x Damage

Attributes (upgrades ingame):

  • Range Max
  • Firing rate max
  • DMG max
  • Then shield crit/projectile speed followed by Speed/structure/armour


  • Long range bombardment
  • Rallypoint for teammates

Good against:

  • Other large ships, high firepower.
  • When close escorts assist in attacking smaller ships

Weak against:

  • Fast small ships attacking from rear
  • You are slow and vulnerable to rushes, know when to flee. Spending CP into firepower makes you squishy after your escorts are dead and forcefield is down!


  • Bombard enemy from max distance and act as a rally point for smaller ships.
  • Use Forcefield to block carrier strike craft, recharge shields and protect your escorts.
  • Countermeasures is a last ditch skill for anti-missile fire.
  • Command Field assists all ships recharge abilities, works on allies too!
  • You are a high firepower ship, use your range to keep enemey ships away or to obliterate enemy towers (tech 9 onwards so light turrets can fire)
  • Reinforcement ships are excellent damage absorbers as well as a small dps boost against players/turrets


  • This ship has the shortest sensor range in the game, the same as a light turret. You should have other vessels scout for you. Your two front heavy guns have 60 range, but you'll never be able to use them effectively without help.
  • Since you have a very small crit chance, plasma turrets can be a very effective choice for "farming" escort ships.
  • Counter-point: Priority Target, a skill that you should probably have, offers a high crit chance when maxed out. Choosing plasma severely weakens your damage dealing ability with the skill.