Escort Purchase

Escort Purchase Screen

Escort fleets are purchased at the Shipyard for 30CP. You have three slots for fleets on the bow, port, and starboard locations of your ship. These slots are also used by the Reinforcements skill.

Escorts may be repaired or replenished for free by the Shipyard every 60 seconds, as long as one from the group survives. Escorts may also be recycled to reclaim all of the CP you spent on them, even if they are damaged or missing members. This way, you can regain your CP if you are done with them. Note that you do not get any CP from recycling Reinforcement escorts.

Escort TypesEdit

Assault EscortsEdit

Jack of all trades, armed with light cannons that shoot at anything hostile. 45 damage every 3 seconds. If you only care about pure damage rates against players or escorts/creeps, this is the most powerful choice.

Heavy EscortsEdit

Unarmed, fully armored escorts for blocking fire.

Torpedo EscortsEdit

Absolutely critical for attacking bases, which fire 50 damage torpedoes at buildings (and only buildings) every 6 seconds. Like other torpedoes, these ignore armor and shields.

Rocket EscortsEdit

Fires rockets at players only. Deals 50 damage, and fires once every 6 seconds. Less DPS against players than Assault Escorts, but won't get distracted by adjacent buildings or enemy escorts.

Radar EscortsEdit

Each increases your radar range by 15%, can be very useful for artillery ships.

Support EscortsEdit

Each increases your ship's repair rate by 5.

Flak EscortsEdit

Can fire on Carrier squadrons. Has range 15, and does 30 damage to the squadrons.

Detector EscortsEdit

Show cloaked vessels within 20 units of your ship.

Reinforcement EscortsEdit

You cannot buy them, they spawn when you use the Reinforcement Skill. Their capabilities vary depending on the amount of skill points allocated in the skill when the skill is used. They can have light guns, rockets, and torpedoes, and have the same health and other stats as Assault escorts.