Ally frigate

Allied Frigate

Axis Frigate

Axis Frigate

A light ship specialized in reconnaissance operations, the frigate has an excellent radar range. Its purpose is to escort large ships, or to infiltrate enemy lines in order to run reconnaissance tasks.

How to PlayEdit

The Frigate is a support ship that should generally stay with teammates. It can lend some fire support with its cannons, but is mostly there to provide vision with its large radar range, buff range with leveled up Radar Beacon, and buff damage with Scanner if it can do so safely. The goal is to enable long range damage to break up enemy encampments with concentrated fire.

Since you will likely have radar beacons, it can be advantageous to place them around the map to watch for enemy attacks.

Unfortunately, the Frigate is of little help to the team on its own, and should probably not be chosen for smaller games. Other ships can execute the same strategy at a slower rate of upgrades.

The Frigate can be outfitted and flown as a Corvette, but the result is generally a slower Corvette. This can be done to gain higher Marks in public games, but shouldn't be regarded as a serious option.



Structure Armor Shield Speed Radar Critical Hit Chance
1250 20% 1750 6.5 60 15%


Position Light Guns Medium Guns Heavy Guns
Front 0 2 0
Side 1 0 0
Aft 1 0 0


SkillManeuv SkillLevel2
SkillRecon SkillLevel3
SkillAttack SkillLevel2
SkillDefense SkillLevel1
SkillCommand SkillLevel1



Echo Impulse

Type: Reconnaissance

The Echo Impulse denies fog of war on the entire battlefield. All stealth units are revealed.

Duration: 30 seconds

Cooldown: 300 seconds




  • Radar beacon 3
  • Scanner 3
  • Jamming Device 3 or tracker 3
  • Quantum Leap or Quantum Accelerator 0


  • Radar range
  • Firing Rate / Damage


  • Speed max
  • Radar Range max
  • Shield/Hull


  • Provide map awareness
  • Artillery support
  • Attack support

Good against:

  • You are a support ship. Not a lot of kills with this one.

Weak against:

  • Carrier?


Place your beacons at key locations around the map and close to your artillery for rangebuff. Scout for said artillery. Especially important is vision on enemy fortifications. In teamfights, activate scanner and use jamming device on enemy with highest DPS. Also use your radar beacon for rangebuff, especially against turrets.

If you go for tracker, put it on corvettes when their shield is down. On level 3 it will prevent shield recharge for 60 seconds, taking this corvette out of the battle.


  • Most of your health is in your shields, so you should run if they go down.
  • The ultimate is generally only useful in bigger games. In smaller games, use the point for something else.