The below are abreviations or code words for maneuvers and various things in-game. They are primarily used by players because typing can be disruptive to gameplay. In order to communicate to teammates efficiently, one should learn the following words. (feel free to edit - Music Lion)

CP: Command Points

Tech: Techlevel

Arty: Artillery ship

Silenced: Skills disabled, for example via Shockwave

(to) torp: to use the skill Torpedo on smb.

Torps: Torpedos

Bubble: Forcefield, via upgraded escort ships or the skill, Forcefield

Crit: Critical hit

Gank: an engagement where one side is serverely outnumbered

(to) Jump (in on someone): to use a vortex or the Quantum Leap skill

Tele/TP: Teleport via a Worm Hole or Quantum Beacon

Whirly: Worm Hole

Sunshot: Artillery Fusion Shell

(get) shield/torps/rocket: buying the escort shield upgrade, torpedo upgrade, or rocket upgrade

Cap: Capture an objective in the Conquest game mode