These are the default hotkeys set in the game. They can be changed in the options menu under controls.

Q - Activate smart camera (camera will follow the players ship)

E - Activate free camera

W - Accelerate ship

S - Decelerate ship

A - Turn left

D - Turn right

LeftAlt - Displays the operating range of skills

Z - Fire light guns

X - Fire medium guns

C - FIre heavy guns

Space - Fire all guns

Shift + left mousebutton - Set secondary Targets (you can hold the left mousebutton instead of clicking) / Change secondary target to main target

G - Lock objective

R - Teleport to base

H - Recall Squadron(Carrier) / Siege Mode(Artillery)

V - Shows skill pane

B - Shows upgrade pane

F1 - show help pane

F2 - show option pane

F3 - Hide Interface

T - General Conversation

Enter - Team Conversation